Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I was looking back at posts from a year ago. Man have we come a long way. Ryan was the only one that had any teeth. They were just starting to crawl. Now they are running all over the place. They all have a mouth full of teeth!! Yes, We survived another year with triplets!!!! Can you believe in 2 short months they will be 2 years old!!! YIKES!! Seems like yesterday I was banned to the couch & now they are almost 2! I know it did not go this fast with Racheal. On Tuesday, Jan 12th we will be featured on

Rylie has brown eyes like daddy & big sister. He has the thickest hair I have ever seen & it grows so fast. He is the honorary one. I am sure I will lots of talks with his teacher when he starts school. He only gives kisses at bedtime & sometimes he just sticks his cheek out for kisses. He has all his teeth except for the 2 year molars. He says momma, dadda, bubba, sissy, bye-bye. Mickey, Manny (for Handy Manny), uh-oh, cookie, quack-quack, ruff-ruff, ball, What's that?, thank you.

Reese is still the shortest of the bunch. I think she is going to take after her Nana. She also has blue eyes like Nana. She is a little tease at bedtime. She will stand in the corner & pucker up, but when you walk over to her, she falls down & laughs. Reese also has got some dance moves. She is hilarious. She sticks her little bottom out & just bounces. She has all her teeth except for her canine teeth & back molars. She is working on the canine teeth. Several of them are poking through the skin. Pooh bear is pooh-pooh. She says sissy, bubba, snowman, mickey, minnie, uh-oh, cookie, baby, quack-quack

Ryan is the tallest. His eyes have changed to hazel. He is the most talkative. If you tell him to say something, he tries to repeat it. Elmo is melmo. He goes to the window everyday to look for the snowman. He is the only one that like the snow. Kim is im. He is very protective of bubba & sissy. He always wants to know where they are. He is also the most affectionate one. I bet I get a hundred hugs a day & I love it!! He has all his teeth, except for the 2 year molars, but he is working on getting them. He also calls pooh bear pooh-pooh. He says cute, cold, bye-bye, uh oh, Mickey, Mandy, thank you, uh-oh, eat, cookie, pick up-pick up, ball, baby, ruff-ruff, quack-quack, mooo, shoe, side (outside). He says ewww when he needs his nose wiped or he is poopy.

We also tried giving them all a fork yesterday & they did great. So now I have to buy more forks for them. I am going to steal a new year's resolution from another triplet mom & say we will be diaper free by the end of the year!!! How awesome that will be!!!!

Racheal with the snowmand we built.
Racheal making an snow angel.
This is the snow that was hanging over the edge of the roof.
The snow drifts were really deep. Some in our yard were a couple of feet deep.

Ryan wearing Racheal's pink hat. He puts it on & says "Cute!!"

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john cave osborne said...

ours just turned two a few months back. at the end of september. it feels like just yesterday that they were born, doesn't it? well, maybe like a combination of just yesterday and A THOUSAND YEARS! happy new year, and happy birthday to your trio!