Friday, February 26, 2010

Crazy couple of weeks!

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. It has been very crazy around here. The triples seem to all be feeling better finally. Racheal still has an ear infection. She is now taking 2 antibiotics so hopefully that will clear it up.

Last Saturday was PEG's 1st Penny Auction. We had an amazing turnout. We had 1000 cups & sold them all 20 before it started. We also ran out of chairs & food in the concession stand. We raised almost $6000. We were very excited about the turnout & the amount raised.

Last week I also finally got my laundry room cabinets. If you remember 1 1/2 yrs ago the house flooded & we moved the laundry room. Well I have been working like crazy getting them stained. They are now finished & filled up. I even have some shelves that don't have anything on them. That is a 1st for us!

We have also been working on getting everything ready for the big birthday party. The triplets birthday is this Sunday. Still can't believe they are already going to be 2!!! We are not having their party until next Saturday. The theme is 3 Ring Circus which is very fitting for our house. The boys seem to have hit the terrible 2's. Ryan likes to push & take away toys. Reese received the bad end of that. Last Sunday he pushed her & went flying across the living room. She had large gash on her right eyebrow. Luckily Randall was here & he used wound glue to close it up.

It also snowed this week. They did a little better this time. Rylie & Reese still would not move unless they were holding my hand. Ryan still loved it. He ran and ran. He also tubed down the hill with Racheal.

Reese with her boo-boo.
Reese & Rylie in the snow.
Reese, Ryan & Racheal
Ryan & Racheal tubing down the hill. They both loved it!

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