Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines!!!!!

It has been pretty crazy around here. It seems like the kids have been sick forever. We have had coughs & runny noses. It usually starts with Racheal & then makes its rounds to everyone. Right now Rylie has an ear infection in both ears & Ryan still has a cough & snotty nose. My allergies have also been horrible.

The little kids are talking more & more. They all say Racheal in their own different way. Rylie did something the other day & Racheal said "oh my gosh". He repeated "my gosh!" It was so cute!

We did have some exciting news on Monday. Kim Ross Sloan that worked for us for the school year 08-09 had her baby boy. Kaleb Paul was born by c-section at 12:48 in Brownwood. He was 8lbs 10 oz & 20 inches long. We went to see them yesterday right after they got home. He is really cute. Now Racheal has another baby brother.

Racheal, Kaleb & Kim

Here are some more of the Valentine's pictures I took.
Ryan giving Reese a kiss.
The boys: Ryan & Rylie
The girls: Reese & Racheal
Ryan, Reese & Rylie
Rylie & Ryan hugging.
Reese, Ryan & Rylie on 1/28/10....23 months old!
Rylie being a good big brother & helping his sissy get at drink!

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