Monday, July 12, 2010

Exciting news!

Last Monday, July 5th, Racheal pulled her front right tooth. She is now snaggled tooth & doesn't have her 2 front teeth! She was so excited. She has been working on it for a while. She still has a loose one on the bottom. She has lost 5 so far. She still has one more tooth that is loose.

Ryan told us twice on Tuesday that he needed to tee-tee. He sat on the potty & did tee-tee! We all clapped & cheered for him which scared him a little. This is awesome since we haven't really been try. We just sit them on the potty occasionally.

Last week was VBS at our church. They did their program on Wednesday night. Christy did a wonderful job with it! Racheal & I also went to Stephenville one day & met Jessica & the boys at the water park. After a little over an hour, it started pouring & then they saw lightening & we had to get out. We still had fun & it was great to see them.

I finished painting our bedroom & our bathroom is almost finished. I still have to paint the trim. I love it, not sure Randall feels the same way! lol

Tomorrow Racheal is going to spend a few days at the ranch with Randall's parents. She is so excited. She also has VBS at one of her friends church this week too. Next week we will meet my aunt & Racheal will go back with them to Crockett for a few days. Then we will go get her for Natalie's 3rd birthday. We are trying to get everything in before it time to start back to school.

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