Saturday, July 17, 2010

Racheal's busy weeks!

Racheal went to VBS at the Methodist church this week. On Tuesday, I took her to Hamilton to meet Randall's dad & she went to stay at the Ranch for a few days. LOVE, LOVE the picture above. Kim took it Tuesday while I was gone to take Racheal. She had a blast. She brought home more Rocks for her rock collection. She got to drive the tractor & spend time with Aunt Karen & the girls. Reese was so excited to see her when she got back. She went running up to Racheal & gave her a big hug! Sunday we are going for our girls trip. She has been wanting to go to a motel. She loves to spend the night at motels & go swimming so we are doing that on Sunday. Also going school shopping & getting a pedi too. Then on Tuesday we are meeting my aunt & cousin, so she can go back with them. Then we will go get her next weekend for NatNat's 3rd birthday party. She will probably be one tired & grouchy girl when this is all over with, but I know she will enjoy it all.

Randall's job situation is a mess yet again! He had been working in Bowie through ESS. They lost the contract with the hospital. He was going to sign on with the new company taking over, but then found out there was a no compete clause so he cannot work there for 2 years. So now he is trying to get on with a new company at the Mineral Wells hospital. It pays better & it will be a lot closer to home so we are praying this works out!

Reese, Rylie & Ryan holding hands.

Ryan & Rylie dancing.

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