Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 2011

Well it has been a crazy busy month. We tried again to work on potty training with NO success! Reese did potty once & was beyond excited. We tried for a couple more days after that & nothing. So we stopped & will try again in a month or two. They could still care less if they are in wet underwear or not! So much for being out of diapers before their 3rd birthday!

The little kids also had their first friend over! Miss Harper came to play with them. Her big sister & Racheal are friends. The kids had a blast with her. We also celebrated Kim's birthday this month. We got her a zebra cake. The kids were very excited to have birthday cake. They talk about their birthday all the time! 

Kim, Racheal, Ryan, Rylie, Reese
Reese & Harper

Harper, Ryan, Rylie, Reese

I have been busy working on everything for their birthday with is going to be Mickey & Minnie. Also working on Racheal's. She is having hers with 2 friends this year since they are all just a few days apart. I have also been working on getting estimates for the girls bedrooms. And if that wasn't enough, I am the cookie mom for Racheal's girl scout troop. So for the past week & for several weeks to come it has been & will be all about cookies!!! There are 8 different kinds this year!! So if your sweet tooth is calling, let us know what kind you would like & we will get them delivered to you. Also if you are dieting & don't want cookies in your house, you can purchase cookies for the military troops over seas. All you do is pay for them & the girl scouts will color pictures for them & mail them to them!

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