Friday, December 31, 2010


 The day after Christmas Racheal & I did our annual after Christmas shopping! We had a lot of fun & got lots of great bargains! I use to always go shopping with my mom & it great to carry on the tradition with Racheal since I can't do it with mom anymore! 

Then the next day we headed to Grapevine to go through ICE! We have been wanting to go for a couple of years. It was really neat, but extremely crowded. Pretty hard to do with 4 kids & take pictures.
Tree of lights on the way into ICE!
Racheal, Ryan, Rylie & Reese ready to go into ICE!

Toy solders on the way in.

Reese, Racheal, Ryan, Rylie & Daddy.

The ice slides. We had a couple of little accidents in this place!  
 There were 2 lines for the ice slides & apparently we got in the wrong one. On the way up there was ice blocks that hung out over the steps & Racheal hit her head on it going up. After we stood in line for no telling how long & got to the top there was a sign that it was the big kid/adult slides. So we had to turn around & try to squeeze by everyone. Reese slipped & rolled down several steps. She screamed & screamed, but did not get hurt at all. Guess that huge parka cushioned her fall. So we left Racheal to go down the slide by herself. She loved it & said it was so fun!  She was not even bruised the next day! It was fun, but we will have to revise our plans for next year!
Racheal going down the slide.

Look at that big smile on her face!

Racheal, Rylie, Ryan, Reese & Daddy going through Snoopy's house.

The ice tunnell. Racheal thought it was pretty neat!

The ice nativity scene.

The trains. The kids loved these.

Ryan & Rylie holding hands on the way home!

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