Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

 Below are pictures of the kids opening their presents from us on Christmas Eve! They had a blast opening them. Ryan new exactly what to do. Reese is so funny! She tears off tiny pieces of paper & has to have every bit of paper off of the box. Rylie was just ripping paper off & would open the boxes. Just went to the next box & started ripping. My Dad & Jerry came over & watched the kids open presents & had lunch with us. That evening we went to a candlelight service at church. It was interesting. It was the first time the trio had sat in on an actual service. They had been in there before but it was for children's programs. They did pretty good. Then we came home & got ready for Santa to make his visit.
Ryan got a Mickey shirt.

Racheal with her zebra blanket.
Ryan opening the boys Cars box for their hot wheels.

Rylie opening his present.

The triplets got triplet babies! They love them!

 We actually had all the kids in bed shortly after 7. Around 8:30, I had got to the bedroom to get my pj's on & went back into the kitchen. In walks Racheal, "Merry Christmas Mom!". I told her it wasn't Christmas yet. It was still Christmas Eve & Santa hadn't been here yet & sent her back to bed. She was up again at 5:45 wanting to know if she could go see what santa left. I told her she could! The first thing she noticed was a picture santa had left of himself in our living room. She was so excited! The trio love their tools! Rylie was so funny going through his stocking. When he would find a piece of chocolate, he would unwrap it & eat it before he would continue digging! I had chocolate wrappers all over the floor! Later that morning we headed to Randall's parents for Christmas. They all got bouncy balls & bounced all over the house. I finally had to make Rylie quit. His face was so red & was sweating!

Santa came! Rylie, Reese & Ryan's stockings.

The workbench & tools for the trio.
Racheal's presents from Santa.
New zebra sleep mask.

New zebra ear muffs & a pink beanbag that changes to purple when you sit on it.
Reese, Rylie & Ryan checking out their tools!


Rylie chowing down on chocolate.
Ryan, Rylie, Reese & Racheal Christmas morning!
Ryan eating his chocolate.
Rylie & Reese loving on cousin Maddy.
Ryan, Rylie, Racheal & Reese Christmas day at Jonesboro.

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