Monday, December 20, 2010

Here are some recent pics!

Rylie & Reese pulling Ryan in the toy box.

Reese, Rylie & Ryan watching their favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Reese wearing & Rylie wearing mommy's shoes & Ryan wearing Racheal's house shoes.
Racheal the donkey ready for their musical at church.

Rylie, Ryan & Reese ready to watch big sister sing!
I could not get any good pics from where we were sitting, but Racheal is the 3rd one from the right.

Rylie, Ryan, Reese & Racheal

 The fam! Yes my eyes were closed!
Ryan, Rylie & Reese sitting on Daddy!

Racheal at school Christmas party!

Racheal, Mallori, Chase.

Racheal & Mrs. Stephens.

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