Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5, 2008

Randall got to give Reese a bath today. Shelley got to give Reese a bottle today.

This first picture is Reese just before she was to get her bath.This next picture is Randall removing the EKG leads.
Reese has had her top half of her body washed; now it is time to remove the diaper and wash the bottom half.
After her bath, it is time to dry off.
After her bath, Randall got to hold her for a while.
This is Rylie in one of the outfits that Shelley brought up to the hospital.
Shelley got to nurse Ryan and Rylie at the same time. They seem to have done quite well with nursing. Afterwards, she held them both on a pillow.

These next three pictures are out of order. The last picture should be first and the first picture should be last. The boys were placed apart from each other; but then they would squirm around and that moved them closer to each other.

These next four pictures show the same thing. They start out separated, but they wiggle until they are up against each other.

Randall got a turn holding both of the boys.
Ryan and Rylie continue to do well. Ryan still has some episodes where he drops his blood oxygen saturation when he is being fed, but this seems to be slowly improving.

Rylie had quite a few episodes of low heart rate and low blood oxygen saturation today. Shelley and I think that is was because he was straining trying to have a bowel movement. He has not had a bowel movement since Thursday.

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