Sunday, April 6, 2008

The whole family comes together

This first picture is of Reese. As you can see she has been moved to an open crib. She is still getting bottle feedings twice a day. Shelley got to give her a bottle this morning. She sucks well, but she lets a great deal of the milk run out of her mouth and down her chin. She improves as she gets almost done, but by then there is little milk left. She now weighs just a bit more than 4 pounds.Randall got to hold both Rylie and Ryan today.
Rylie is in Randall's right arm, and Ryan is in Randall's left arm.
We got the nurse to take a picture so that Shelley could be included.

Thank you to Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen for letting Racheal stay with them this weekend. Steve and Karen brought Racheal back to the hospital today, so that she could see the babies again. Several of the nurses worked to get us together so that we could take some family pictures. Special thanks to Nurse Rachel, Nurse Carrie, and Nurse Debbie.

In these next three pictures, Racheal is sitting in Randall's lap; Racheal is holding Rylie; Ryan is in Randall's left arm; and Reese is in the middle.

Thanks again to Nurse Carrie for taking control of the camera so that Shelley could get into the picture. This next picture is our first family portrait.
Next we wanted some pictures with just the babies, so we put them under a warmer and laid them on a blanket.
Reese fussed most of the time that we were doing this.
Ryan slept through everthing.
Next we got some pictures of Racheal with the triplets.

Ryan and Rylie continue to improve.

Rylie still has not had a bowel movement, and every time he strains to try have a bowel movement, he drops his oxygen saturation. The dropping of his oxygen saturation prevents him from being able to go home at this time.

Ryan now weighs more than 5 pounds. He takes the bottle well. He still has drops in his blood oxygen saturation when he gets fed; but this is slowly improving.

We go back to Comanche tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you all together! The smile on Racheal's face is priceless! May God continue to bless your family.

Much love, Lani