Friday, April 4, 2008

Racheal finally gets to see the babies

Racheal finally gets to see the babies. She was very excited.

Rylie continues to do well. He is getting bottle feeds all the time, and is no longer getting any tube feedings. Rylie weighs 4 pounds and 10.3 ounces.

The next two pictures are of Aunt Karen giving Rylie his bottle, and Racheal is watching.

This is Rylie with a bib that Shelley put on him.
Ryan is improving. He is taking all of his bottle when he is bottle fed. He took a whole bottle this morning and did not have any fall in his blood oxygen saturation. Shelley got to nurse Ryan today, and then gave him a bottle, as well.

This next picture is Randall taking Ryan's temperature, as Racheal watches.
In this next picture, Randall is holding Ryan, and Racheal is sitting in Randall's lap.
In the next picture, Racheal is stroking the top of Ryan's head.
This is Ryan in his crib.

This is Ryan with a bib that Shelley has put on him.
Reese continues to improve. She now weighs 3 pounds and 13.9 ounces.

The next picture is Shelley and Racheal checking in on Reese.
In these last few pictures, Racheal is sitting in Randall's lap, and Racheal is holding Reese (with Randall's assistance).

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Those are so adorable, brought tears to my eyes!

God Bless you guys!

Annie Luna