Thursday, February 5, 2009

A rough 24 hrs!

Yesterday we had a funeral to go to. Johnnie & Elvis were my parents first neighbors & Johnnie & my mom remained great friends talking on the phone everyday until mom got sick. Elvis passed away & we took all the kids to the funeral yesterday. Johnnie is blind, but I put all the kids in her lap & let her feel them. She was so excited. Then I found out my grandmother had a stroke & they don't expect her to make it much longer. Then last night being the klutz that I am, came out of our bathroom into our dark bedroom & ran into our bedroom door. My glasses happened to hit just right & I have a big gash above my eye. Randall used some glue for wounds to close it up. It is all swollen & bruised today & doesn't look very pretty!

The babies are doing great! Getting into everything!

1 comment:

Norma said...

Wow! Need to wrap you in bubble wrap!

So sorry about your grandmother. Praying for you today.

Love ya!