Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The triplets at 1 year!

The triplets had their 1 year appointment today. They all got 4 shots each, but they took them like champs. They can start having milk now. Yeah!!! So we will start making that transition. Here are their stats: Rylie 22 lbs 6 oz, 28 1/4 inches; Reese 20 lbs 11 oz, 27 1/2 inches; Ryan 22 lbs 0.5 oz, 29 1/4 inches.

I want to document everything I can think of about the triplets now that they are one so here goes.

Usually one of them wakes up around 7, but I don't go get them until 7:30. By then everyone is awake. Then we eat breakfast, usually oatmeal or pancakes. They play until around 9:30 then they take a nap (usually about 30 minutes). They eat lunch at 11:30 & supper at 4:30. They eat raviolis, noodles, ground up chicken, peas, veg-all, carrots & green beans cut up small. The still eat their baby food fruit that I make. I tried giving them small pieces of fruit & they spit them out. The eat Gerber puffs for snack around 2 or 2:30. They are all able to pick them up the puffs & feed themselves now. Sometimes they go down for a nap right after lunch & sometimes they play for a little while & then go down for a nap. Just depends on their mood. The only bottle they get is at night, hopefully soon we will get to get rid of that. They all say mama, dadda & bubba.

Rylie: First born (also the reason they were born when they were). He is a mommy's boy. He has the greatest smile. He was the first one to start pulling up. He wants to stand up all the time. He will cruise holding on to furniture. He has 5 teeth: 3 on top & 2 on bottom & working on 1 more on the top. He has brown eyes. He is doing great with his sippy cup. Loves his water! He will growl at meal time if you aren't feeding him fast enough. As soon as you put him in his bed, he sits up.

Reese: Second born. Until recently she was not affection to anyone. If someone would hold her, she went to them. But lately she has been hugging & kissing us more. Reese has the fattest little cheeks you just want to squeeze them. She has 4 teeth: 2 on top & bottom. Reese still has really blue eyes. She still has her hemangioma on her leg, but it is getting lighter & smoother. Hopefully in another year it will be gone. Her 2 scars are getting less noticeable all the time. The one her arm from the cut down is worse than the one on her back from the surgery. We originally thought she was going to be left handed, but is starting to use her right hand more. Maybe there is still hope for her!

Ryan: The baby. He has been a daddy's boy for a while, but recently has been loving up to mommy more. When I leave to run errands, he usually cries or calls for mommy the entire time. He has 6 teeth: 4 on top, 2 on bottom. When he smiles, his eyes light up. He loves it when daddy throws him up in the air. Ryan also still has blue eyes. He is the most laid back. He likes to crawl away from the others & be my himself.

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