Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Trip to Ft Worth

Rylie walking to Kim!

Rylie, Ryan & Reese in their new toy I got for them. They love it!

We left Friday morning & headed to Ft Worth. I had several stores I needed to go to for things we were needing. We also ate lunch at Uncle Julio's--my favorite!!!! Then went to Ronald McDonald house. The collect tabs off of coke cans. It requires less room & they aren't as messy. Racheal has been saving since last year when we stayed there. We went by & turned them in. It was great to see Tricia again. They had also finished their kitchen remodel. It looked great. Then we headed to the motel. Racheal was so excited. She loves to stay in motels. They had an indoor pool so we went swimming. It was the triplets first time to go swimming. They loved it. Rylie loved to splash just like he does in the bath tub. He was the only one that had wet hair. We also got into the hot tub. They loved the bubbles. Reese kept trying to eat them. For supper we went down stairs at the motel & had pizza delivered. The lady at the front desk was getting high chairs out & asked if we were the grandparents or parents?!?! OK I know I feel old, but really do I look that bad????? I also get the bad mommy award. I sat Reese on the bed to change her diaper. Then I went in the other room & totally forgot about putting her on the bed. Then I hear a scream. She fell off & has a black eye! Sorry Reese!!!!

Saturday morning we went to the NICU reunion at Harris Methodist. We saw several nurses that the babies had. One nurse stopped Randall because she remembered Reeese. She said she was the first baby she had ever bagged! Great!! Glad I didn't know that at the time. Then we went to the Cowgirl Museum which is also temporaraly housing part of the science museum. When we got their 2 or the 3 triplets were asleep, so Randall stayed in the van with them & Racheal & I went to the museum. She had a lot of fun. She road a bucking horse. We had a great time, but very exhausted. We let the babies feed themselves at the restaurants. We appologize to all the restaurant workers! We left a huge mess everywhere we went!!

Racheal giving her pop tops to Tricia.

Reese, Rylie & Ryan

Everyone in the hot tub!!

Racheal riding the bucking Horse.

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