Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend pictures!

Sorry I haven't had time to write. It has been a crazy weekend. Saturday I had to finish decorating & get everything picked up. The party was wonderful. We missed our friends that couldn't make it, but had a great time. The babies all had their own little cakes & loved them especially Reese. She ate almost half of her cake. She would fuss if she couldn't get more of it. Thanks to everyone for all their wonderful gifts. Sunday was their baby dedication. It also went wonderful. I got them cute sailor suits to wear. They looked adorable. Racheal also sang "I am a Promise". She did an amazing job. I was so proud of her!

We also had some sad news. My Grandmother passed away Saturday & her funeral was yesterday morning. She is now in a better place. She had alzheimers & hadn't known who anyone was in several years. Also a couple of weeks ago she had a stroke & was just laying there. Glad she is no longer suffering, but we will miss her. I have great memories of working with her every Saturday at Ben Franklins when I was a kid. She paid me $5 for the day & I thought I was making a ton of money!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend! A friend took pictures because I knew it would be crazy. I haven't gotten the disc from her yet. When I do, I will post more pictures.

The triplets the morning of their birthday.

Rylie with blue icing all over his face.

Rylie, Racheal, Reese & Ryan

Rylie crawling away!

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