Friday, August 28, 2009

18 months old!

The triplets are 18 months old today & we survived the first week of kindergarten. I was beginning to worry at the first of the week. Everyday we were coming home with a new boyfriend. It has slowed down now & we are sticking with the ones we already have! And yes Randall has the shot guns loaded & ready!!! lol She loves her teacher & seems to be making the transition really well. Next week I have to start loading the trips up in the morning s to take Racheal to school, so we will see how that goes!

I cannot believe the triplets are already 18 months old! The are talking more & more. They all say momma, dadda, Racheal, sissy, bye, uh-oh. Ryan also says cup. They are all eating off of a plate now & are doing pretty well with it. They all love to get up on the couches. Today Ryan was reaching over the end for a toy & flipped right over, but Rylie was the one that cried. Sympathy for little brother! The boys love to wrestle with each other. IT is so funny to watch! Reese is still all girl & wants no part of it. Occasionally she will let them tickle her, but most of the time she screams if they get close to her.


Anonymous said...

I am just now getting caught up on your blog :-) LOVE IT!!!! I can't believe they are 18 months old either!!!! I forgot to tell you that the concierge at our hotel in California had triplets!! They are 4.5 now. -stephanie

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds kinda crazy--but I need that bow to add to my "bag of tricks" for the photo shoots! They are so cute!

Love checking out the blog. Cuties, for sure!

Great idea for the giveaway. I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to do them, and this seems perfect.