Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheer camp!

Last Saturday Racheal cheered at the football scrimmage. She did a great job. Afterwards they had a little carnival going on also. We put all the kids in the bounce house. Rylie did not like it one bit!

Hannah & Racheal

Last night we went to meet the teacher. Racheal has Mrs. Fishback & we are really excited! Her classroom is right by where you drop them off so that will be good. So Monday is the big day. She is so excited. Mommy not so much! Watch for pictures next week!

The triplets are doing great! I told Randall I needed a ref shirt & whistle. I feel like all I do is say: don't hit, don't take that away, sit down!

Also make sure you check back on Sept 3 & 4 for the giveaways! I got the bows today & they are super cute! All you will have to do is leave a comment those 2 days!

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FrenznickFive said...

Racheal looks so cute in her cheer uniform! and I hear ya on the bounce house two of mine are terrified of the one we just bought for them!