Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Birthday!

Sunday was my birthday! We won't say how old I am!! Racheal thinks everyone should have a party. That morning she brought me my presents. I had 2 Raggedy ann pillow cases & a candle that she got for me when we were in Arcola. I also had some of her Raggedy items. She said we could share them! How sweet!! I also had some things she had made for me. That afternoon when Kim got here we had red velvet cake! I decided to share with the trio! Big mistake!!!!

Kim Ross & the kids on her last day!

Reese, Ryan & Rylie with their first sunburn after we went to Eastland.

Ryan, Reese & Rylie on the couch. Their new favorite thing to do is crawl on the couch.

Me & Randall on my birthday. Racheal took the picture.

Rylie after eating cake.
Ryan laughing.

Ryan's hair after rubbing cake in it. We had to get a bath.


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Ginger said...

L-O-V-E the case photos