Sunday, June 6, 2010

off to a busy start!

Racheal started summer school at Mrs. Shelley's last week. It is one afternoon a week. They are working on reviewing what they learned in Kindergarten plus doing some fun crafts & cooking. She is also going to story hour at the library this month. Yesterday we went and watched Shrek in 3 d it was really good. She also lost one of her top teeth. This is tooth #3. It was loose & she and him were dancing around. Kim accidentally hit her & mad it looser by the end of the day it feel out. Now she is snaggle tooth.

Tomorrow my aunt Barb & Julie are coming to see us for several days. We are going to the circus, going to Stephenville to the water park & just hanging out. Should be lots of fun. Randall is going next weekend for CME in OK so pray for safe travel for him.

Our bedroom has been the same since we got married almost 11 years ago (except for a new bedspread). So I decided it was time for a change! The walls were white & I painted them blue, Rearranged things in the room & ordered a wall quote from a triplet mom friend of mine. It turned out really cute. I still have to finish the corner where the gun cabinet is because I couldn't move it so I have to wait for Randall!

Rylie has figured out how to climb into the high chair all by myself now. Ryan has figured out how to climb into the van & into his seat by him self! I also had to redo the gate/fence in our living room. The boys figured out how to climb out & were getting out faster than I could get them back in. Luckily I had a different one in storage & put it up. They also have more room to run around now also.

Ryan & Rylie playing in the sprinkler.
Ryan, Reese, Rylie sitting at their new gate.
Rylie laying in the blanket basket.
The wall in our bedroom. This is a line from one of the songs that Randall sang to me when we got married. A triplet mom did it for me. Thanks Frizzy Vinyl!!!

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