Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Fun!

Almost 2 weeks ago my friend Jessica & her little girl Trinity came by to see us! She was my OB nurse when I was pregnant with Racheal. It was great to see them! The little kids had a blast playing with Trinity. Not sure she felt the same! lol Several times she just covered her head when she was being approached by all 3!! Then on that Monday my aunt Barb & cousin JuJu came to see us. On Tuesday we went to Splashville in Stephenville. The kids loved it. I think the adults had a blast too!! On Thursday we loaded up & followed them back to Crockett. We stopped in Waco & went to Target & ate lunch so that broke up the long ride. They did really well while we were there. They cried a little bit at bedtime since they slept in playpens. One day went to the fire station in Palestine where my cousins husband works. The kids loved the fire trucks, but weren't to sure about the lights. We also went swimming at JuJu's house. The water was freezing & the little kids screamed when we got in, but got over it. We came home on Monday & the followed us back to Waco so we could stop & eat lunch.

Rylie is really starting to talk better & more! He tells me Thank you mom! for everything. He askes me what everything is. Ryan also had a black eye thanks to Rylie. He would tell everyone what happened too..Bubba cuppy eye. I think they are all getting ready to potty train. They do not like to have a wet or dirty diaper. Mom is just not ready for the whole potty training process, but I guess I better get that way! They have all learned no! & it has been getting them in lots of trouble.
Rylie, Ryan & Reese giving Trinity kisses!
JuJu holding Rylie, Ryan & Reese
Reese wearing high heals!
Ryan wearing high heals!
Racheal, Rylie, Ryan, Natalie, Reese sitting on the fire truck!
Rylie & Ryan sitting in the fire truck.
Ryan & Reese below
Rylie sitting in the chiefs Durango.

Ryan, Rylie & Reese riding off somewhere!

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