Saturday, June 26, 2010

vehicle problems!!

I forgot to post about all of our vehicle problems. When Randall was going to Tulsa at the beginning of the month, his a/c quit. So he was stuck in Ft worth for about 8 hrs. They still didn't fix it right & when he got to Tulsa had to have it worked on again.

Last week I started having problems with the van. I had no get up & go. Randall took it in & they said the air filter was nasty & had let dirt get into the turbo. So $3000 later the van is fixed & Randall learned an expensive lesson!

Happy 11th anniversary honey I love you!

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baby gillespie said...

Hi Shelley - Happy Anniversary!
Thanks again for commenting on my post on the multiples and more blog site.

Take care, Julie Gillespie