Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Activites!

February was a busy month. We finally finished up with Girl Scout cookies!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! Racheal and Randall went to the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Racheal was beyond excited for it! She had a blast. Her daddy was even a good sport and danced all the slow songs with her. She had her valentine's party at school & we took the kids. She was excited they finally got to come to a party. She also got her hair cut. It is sooo cute on her & it so much easier to take care of. Racheal's troop also went to a Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy party at the girl scout office in Brownwood. They all had a blast.
Racheal ready for the Daddy-Daughter Dance!

Racheal & Daddy ready for the dance.

Daddy was a very good sport and danced all the slow dances with Racheal!
Racheal, Maggie, Emily & Makenna
Racheal got her hair chopped off. It looks so cute on her & she loves it!
Reese & Racheal in their matching minnie shirts.          

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Mommy's Valentines present.
opening their valentine's presents   
Racheal loved her zebra pillow!
Racheal ready for Fancy Nancy Girl Scout party!
The Daisy troop ready for Fancy Nancy.
The Daisy Troop with Fancy Nancy.
Racheal with Fancy Nancy

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