Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodbye Mama!

My Mama (my mom's mom) fell back before Christmas & was in the floor all night. She went into the nursing and was doing pretty well. She had needed to be there for a while, but refused to go. Then after Christmas she got pneumonia & was not strong enough to get over it. She had been getting worse everyday. Many times over the past 2 months we thought she wouldn't make it through the night, but she is so tough & proved us wrong many times.Friday at lunch I got a call from Jana saying that it today was the day it was going to happen. I had already been packed, but had winter clothes packed & now it was very warm so I had to repack. Then I went & got Racheal from school early & we left Comanche around 3:30. We stopped in McGregor to eat supper & just as we were walking into Burger King Jana called & said Mama had passed away. She had been very restless that morning & when my cousins got there she calmed down. She was told we were on our way. Then her brother came to see her & she must have been waiting on him. She never opened her eyes or responded to anything after that.

We know she is now at peace & is pain free. She had polio as a child and has pain in her leg since. She is now running & skipping. She is now with my mom & papa again. I am sure there are some amazing stories being told. It was very difficult for Racheal. This is the first death that she has been old enough to understand. Please pray for peace for our entire family. The service was beautiful. We all wore purple which was her favorite color. The casket piece was beyond beautiful. It has 13 purple roses for each of us. There were also 3 white roses for my papa, my mom & my baby uncle that passed the day he was born. Mama was an amazing christian woman. Her favorite saying was "God is Love!"

Mama, Racheal, Natalie, Ryan, Reese & Rylie
The last time we saw Mama.
Racheal & Mama
Reese & NatNat in their matching dresses for visitation.

Ryan, Reese & Rylie
The cross the grandkids sent.

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