Monday, May 5, 2008

Another tough day for Reese

Well Reese had a bad night last night. Around 10 she desated & her heart rate dropped. They tried stimulating her, but that didn't work so they had to bag her. She did this again around 2 but responded from stimulation. She was put back on oxygen. Shelley talked to the dr this morning. He seems to think that she needed blood. Her red blood count had dropped since Saturday. She was given blood this afternoon and they are weening her off of oxygen again. Hopefully this will work. The draw back to getting blood is in 4-6 weeks when her body starts making its own red blood cells she may do the same thing again & by then she will be home. This is something that we will have to watch closely. She now weighs 6 lbs 1.8 oz.

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