Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well the last 2 days have been pretty rough. Randall think the boys have had a stomach bug. It started with Rylie yesterday. After every feeding he would through up the whole bottle. I was having one of those post-pregnancy emotional days. At the 2:00 feeding I just lost it & balded like a baby. Randall took him & cleaned him up while I fed Ryan. We fed him pedialyte for the next several feedings & then during the night half pedialyte & half soy formula. He has been fine today. Then this morning Ryan started it. I hope tomorrow is not Reese's turn.

Thank you to Christy M for the truck load of food she brought us last night. It should last us at least a week. Also thanks to the ones at church that brought us food last week.

Also thanks to Jill (a fellow triplet mom in Glen Rose) for the bottle props. I got them today. She propped her 3 in boppy pillows & fed them at the same time. I am about to try Rylie & Reese & see how we do.

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