Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reese had a rough day

Reese was wide awake when Shelley got there today. She gave her a bath. While she was getting a bath Reese managed to pull her feeding tube out. She got her dressed and held her for about an hour. Reese was wide awake the whole time. Shelley gave her a bottle. She started out great. Then she started desating & her heart rate dropped. The nurse said to stop & they finished the feeding through her tube. But she continues to desat and have brady episodes with her tube feeding. They did a CBC & retic count to see if that showed anything. Randall said the lab was fine. Randall visited Reese tonight and fed her. He said she did ok. She did not have any brady's. She did desat some, but like Randall said she is just now learning to breath and suck. She has been on oxygen for so long and when she would desat the nurses would turn up the oxygen so she did not have to learn to breath.

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