Monday, May 26, 2008


We decided to make a trip to church yesterday without any help from Kaylie. She will be leaving in August for San Angelo so we will have to do it by ourselves eventually. We took Racheal to Sunday school & then went to the nursery to feed the babies. I fed Rylie, Randall fed Ryan & Laurie (the nursery worker) fed Reese. Ryan decided to poop while Randall was feeding him & it ran out all over him. So Randall had to go home & change clothes. I got Ryan all cleaned up & then he decided to spit up his entire bottle all over Laurie. Sorry Laurie!!! Then we go into church. Rylie starts fussing. I take him out & rock him to sleep. I go back into church & Ryan starts his extremely loud grunting. Randall takes him out. While Randall is gone, Racheal decides she needs to go to the bathroom. So Jennifer Henry took her. Then Rylie starts fussing again & then Reese starts. Jennifer held her for a while & put her back in her seat. Then she starts again. I already have Rylie in one arm so Jennifer helps me pick up Reese so I can hold her with the other arm. If only I had one more arm!!! Thanks Jennifer for all your help during church.

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