Friday, May 2, 2008

We are on our way back to Ft Worth today. Hopefully the next time we make the trip it will be to pick up Reese! She was having problems eating after the removed the oxygen. For several feedings she was desating & only taking about half of her bottle. The nurse wanted to put the oxygen back on for feedings, but the dr said no that doing that could mask other problems. So he wrote orders to give the rest of her feeding through the tube if that happened. Yesterday afternoon she started doing better. She is still desating some when she eats, but if she is paced then she has been finishing her bottles.

The boys are doing better also. I swithced to soy formula & they aren't spitting up as bad. Racheal's rash is also much better.

I know everyone is wanting pictures. I will stay on Randall to add some. They are getting chunky!

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Anonymous said...

glad everyone is doing good.

Hopefully you guys get to reunite the whole crew soon!

Prayers for ya'll!

Annie Luna