Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

All 3 babies are now in the same room!! All 3 babies ultrasounds of their heads came back negative.

Rylie is still doing great. He now weighs 3.08 lbs. They increased his feedings from 25 ml to 28 ml.

Ryan was started on caffeine yesterday because he was having some apnea episodes. The nurse said he had 3 apnea episodes last night, but he brought himself out of them without any help from the nurse. He also had his feedings increased from 28 ml to 30 ml. He now weighs 3 lbs 3 1/2 oz.

Reese is still on C-PAP on 21%. The nurse said they would probably keep her on it for a couple more days before they try taking her off of it again. Her echocardiogram showed that her PDA was starting to close so the dr said they would wait and see if it closes by itself. Her feedings were also increased to 22 ml. She now weighs 2 lbs 12 oz which is 1 oz above her birth weight! Her I.V. was also removed.

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