Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

The next pictures are of Rylie for the previous 2 days. Our report today continues to be good for Rylie. He is eating well, and gaining weight.

The following pictures are of Ryan for the two previous days. He continues to do well. He still has episodes of oxygen desaturation when he feeds, but is otherwise doing well.

The following pictures are of Reese for the previous two days.

We spoke with a Pediatric Cardiologist today. He looked at Reese's echocardiagram. He is of the opinion that her PDA is starting to cause significant changes to her heart and lungs; he feels that it would be best for Reese to have the surgery to close her PDA. He said that he would give all this information to the Neonatologist, and let the Neonatologist discuss this with us further.

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