Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008

The babies are doing well today.

Rylie had a little trouble last night. He started having apneic episodes and needed to be put back on the CPAP. He is doing well with the CPAP; he is on 21% FiO2 (the same as room air), and his blood oxygenation is staying above 98%. We do not know when the doctor may try to take him off of the CPAP again. He is no longer getting phototherapy. He has had his feedings increased again, and he is doing well with his feedings.

Reese is maintaining her blood oxygenation with her FiO2 of 21% on the CPAP. If she continues to do this well, the doctor may try to take her off of the CPAP sometime in the next day or two. She is doing well with her feedings, and no longer needs IV fluid support. She did lose some weight yesterday. Overall she is doing well. She is no longer getting phototherapy. She is stooling regularly, and her bilirubin level continues to come down.

Ryan has been intubated again. He does well when he is intubated, but he just is not doing well with CPAP. He is on low settings on the ventilator; he just seems to need some extra help breathing right now. He is tolerating feeds well. His bilirubin went up a little overnight, but he has not been started back on phototherapy at this time.

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