Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22, 2008

Rylie continues to do well. He took all of his bottle last night and this morning. He continues to gain weight.Shelley got to hold Rylie. Then, Shelley got to breast feed Rylie for the first time. He did not nurse very much, but for a premature baby, he did well.
After Rylie had eaten, he was quite exhausted.
Randall got a chance to hold Rylie, too.
Ryan continues to do well. This morning he took about 2/3 of his bottle feeding. He continues to gain weight. He still has some blood oxygen saturation problems while he is being fed, but this seems to be improving slowly.
Shelley also got the opportunity to breast feed Ryan. He did about the same as Rylie. Shelley got the opportunity to have "skin-to-skin" contact with Ryan, and the whole time he maintained a blood oxygen saturation above 98% (which was the best he had done all day). When Shelley needed to put him back into the warmer, he cried.
Randall actually got the opportunity to hold both Rylie and Ryan, at the same time.
Randall got to hold both babies for about 15 minutes.

Reese was changed from CPAP to oxygen via a nasal cannula. She appears to be doing well with that change. Her color looked better today. She is still working to breathe; she is breathing 80-90 times a minute (compared to Rylie and Ryan breathing 50-60 times a minute). She is scheduled to have her surgery Monday morning at 8:00 AM (Monday March 24). Please keep her in your prayers. Please ask God to give the doctors and nurses the skill and care that they need to keep her safe and bring her through the surgery safely. We know that this surgery is what is best for her, but it is very hard to let someone else start cutting our baby.
We will be going back to the Ronald McDonald House tomorrow, so that we can be there Monday morning for the surgery. Big thanks to Mee-Maw, who has volunteered to take care of Racheal for us during that time.

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