Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008

I am sorry that this post is so late; for some reason, the pictures would not upload, and it took a while to troubleshoot the issue.

The picture below is Shelley; she is holding Rylie. Shelley got to give Rylie a bottle feeding today. She also got to give Rylie a bath. Rylie continues to do well. He does still have some apneic episodes, but, thus far, he has not needed external stimulation in order to regain his saturation and get his heart rate back up.

The next three pictures are of Shelley giving Rylie his bottle feeding.

They take the tube out of his stomach so that he can take the nipple better. After the feeding, they do not put the tube back into the stomach right away; putting the tube back into the stomach immediately after feeding might prompt vomiting, and vomiting could lead to aspiration of the vomited material (which would be bad). In the next four picture below, his tube is out of his stomach, but it is still taped to his face.

After his bath, he was wide awake and let us get some good pictures of him with his eyes open.

The tube kept getting hung up, so the nurse took it out, and said that she would replace the tube later, and would re-tape it at that time. So we got some pictures without the tubing.

Reese is still getting CPAP. Her heart murmur became louder, and, according to the doctor, she started looking "pale." They did an echocardiogram that showed that she still had a PDA. They decided to give the Indocin another try. So they stopped her feedings and restarted an IV; the IV will be for administration of the Indocin, as well as for fluid support.

In the next picture, you can see Randall preparing to give Reese a bath.

At the end of her bath, we replaced her hat and her CPAP tubing. In the picture below, Randall is removing the adhesive strip that helps hold the CPAP tubing in place.

After all of the tubing and tape was removed, we got to see her face (see picture below). While we were changing the tubing, Reese was breathing room air; most of the time, she was staying above 92% on her blood oxygenation, she did have one short episode where she went down to 87%, that was only for 2-3 seconds. As long as she is getting CPAP she maintains Oxygen saturations above 95% all the time.

Randall got to hold Ryan this morning. This afternoon, Shelley got to bottle feed Ryan, as shown in the next few pictures.

After he finished with the bottle, we got a family photo.

This is a close-up picture of Ryan; he has had his tubing removed, so you can see his face better.

That is all for today.

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