Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2

The picture above is Randall checking Ryan's temperature.

We got to interact a little more with the babies today. Ryan started having trouble keeping his oxygen level up last night, and it kept getting progressively worse. A chest X-ray, that was done today, showed that his lungs have not improved compared to the chest X-ray that was done at the time of his admission. He had an FiO2 of 60%. After he was intubated, the ventilator settings give him a breath, and then there is a pause for him to be able to take a breath; he is not taking any breaths. It seems that he is so tired out that he is letting the ventilator do the work, and he is resting. After he was intubated, they were able to start decreasing his FiO2. He is down to 47%. With him being intubated, his cap is off and we can finally see that he has quite a bit of dark hair. I got to check his temperature, and Shelley got to change his diaper.

The picture below is Randall checking Reese's temperature.

When we went to see Reese, they were changing her diaper and changing out the CPAP tubing. So, we got to see her without her cap or eye covers, and we just happened to get a picture with her eyes open (see picture below). She responds to our voices and opens her eyes. She had her feedings increased again today, and she has had poopy diapers (see previous post as to why this is important for elevated bilirubin levels). She is still getting phototherapy because she is jaundiced. She is doing better with her oxygenation. While she was off of her CPAP, the nurses were just blowing oxygen toward her face, and her blood oxygen saturation stayed above 85%. This morning, Shelley got to take her temperature; and she got to help change out the bedding. This evening, I got to take her temperature, as you can see in the picture above. Reese had an apneic episode this morning and was started on a caffeine drip.

Reese with eyes open.

The picture below is of Ryan. This was taken this morning before he was intubated. Ryan has still not had a bowel movement. He is having some problems with swelling in his hands and feet, but that started to improve after he was intubated.

Rylie is doing well. He has his feedings increased again today. Last night the milk was not emptying from his stomach. He had not yet had a bowel movement, so they gave him a suppository. He had a bowel movement, and his stomach started emptying again. He is only on 21% inspired oxygen, which is the same as room air.

This picture is of Rylie. He is still getting CPAP.
Shelley continues to improve. She is becoming more active with less pain.

Mee-maw and D-dad came to visit today, and they brought Racheal. Racheal did not get to see the babies, because siblings are not allowed in the NICU until RSV season is over. We took Polaroid pictures of her, and the nurses taped the pictures to the incubators so the babies can see them. Mee-Maw did not get to see the babies because she is getting over a cold. D-dad got to see and interact with the babies.

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