Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 16, 2008

Rylie continues to do the best. He is still breathing room air and does not need any respiratory support. He is getting nipple feeds twice a day. He is tolerating his feedings, and he is gaining weight. He was dressed in a shirt and wrapped in a blanket today, and he was exposed to room temperature for an extended period of time; during that time, he was able to maintain his body temperature.Once we got him out of the warmer, we got to hold him. He was trying to open his eyes but the light was too bright. When we used our hands to shade his eyes, he would open them and look at us.

First, Randall got to hold Rylie.
After a little while, he became accustomed to the brightness of the light, and we did not need to shade his eyes any longer.
Then, Shelley got to hold Rylie.

After we held Rylie for a while, Shelley put him back in his warmer, and changed his diaper.

Ryan is doing well. He is still having episode where he quits breathing, and has his blood oxygenation level fall. This often corresponds to a reduced heart rate.
Randall got to hold him for a short time today.

But he kept having apneic episodes with oxygen desaturation, so we put him back in the warmer. As soon as he would get laid on his stomach, he would start breathing again, and his blood oxygenation would come back up.
Shelley finally got to hold Reese today. Reese is still on CPAP. She is scheduled for a repeat echocardiagram tomorrow to see if her PDA has resolved. If the Indocin was not successful in closure of the PDA, she may need surgery to correct it.

Reese had her feedings restarted today, but at a reduced rate. She is still getting IV fluids and IV nutrition. Once she is able to get back to full feeds, she should be able to get her IV discontinued.
This last picture does not show it very well, but when Shelley had to give her up to be put back into the warmer, she through quite a fit.
Special thanks to Karen & Steve for taken Racheal home with them this weekend so we could spend extra time with the babies.

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